LilBananaPie (lilbananapie) wrote,


Something has happened or should i say is not happening
I feel like something is strangely missing from my life
I am alone and rather don't like to admit it but I have always been alone
I am constantly being told I have to be happy with who I am first
I am happy with who I am. Though no one else seems to be.
I know no one reads this silly thing so it seems so very pointless to continue
a very depressing rant about abnormally long single life and the endless line of jerks
who have passed through my presences.
I wish everything made more sense or were easier then maybe I could figure out my many
problems that I seem to be having with my surrounds. Or maybe I just answered my own question...who knows anymore.

Though on a happy note I have started reading again. I forgot how much a book can actually consume me. I get lost with the pages and it feels as if I am almost sitting in the scene with the characters silently observing them... reading their minds and emotions. I love that world where I no longer feel stressed and feel like I am not alone. My latest obsession is Twilight series. It is truly amazing. I didn't think I could have any interest in a book with vampires but I was wrong. I've fallen in love with characters...edward, bella, alice, esme...all of them. I finished Twilight in 1 day...I was quite astounded by my speed. I've already started the 2nd book called New Moon. I'm trying to slow myself down due to the fact that there are only currently 3 books out total...the 4th will be released on Saturday. Will I ever find another series to keep me occupied? Can my bank account support my addiction to these thing? Doubtful but I will have to wait and see.

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