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I've officially been in school for over a week! Junior year of college=only gets harder.

I went shopping and am disappointed again...I have been several times and have yet to find a pair jeans that I actually like, fits, looks cute, etc. tear. I suppose I will just have to try again tomorrow or something. Perfect jeans DO NOT exsist...sadness.

I am actually home for what will probably be the last time for at least the next 3 weeks...which will be when I come home to get my cell phone! Countdown begins 21 days left! Blackjack 2 is at the top of my list though I do really like the Blackberry Pearl...ugh so undecided.

Went to my friends Fraternity Car Bash last was the guys, good food, and just spend time with everyone. I got to see 2 of my sorority sister which made my night! Snow cones after were amazing and then just hanging out with my boys. Yeah i'm bond number 482 1/2 lol.

Anywho...peace, love, and all that jazz...

Tags: car bash, cell phones, friends, life, school

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