LilBananaPie (lilbananapie) wrote,

The Complexity of Friendship between Men and Women

Is it really the impossible for women and men to be friends without being in a relationship or having sex? For me I see it as I can be friends with everyone and anyone but lately things have been different...i'm not trying to be vain in anyway shape or form but seriously i'm really confused to why this is happening... As I said in the past...I'm in a sorority...I happen to enjoy hanging out some good friends who happen to all be in a fraternity together. And some of the guys always seem to ask...are you dating this guy(one of his brothers)?? and as always my answer is no...we are just friends...heck even my gay guy friend has been asked if him and i are dating. My first question is why do they always ask? and my second is Why do they all seem to care so much about who i'm "dating"? i mean i get that its one of their brothers but for the love of God...really is it anyones business but my own and whoever I end up dating. Yep that is todays rant...I'm very tired of the same question...or the silly boy who thinks he has a chance to get with me because i'm hanging out with a friend...its just sad that everyone around me has formed this strange habit. Oh well alas maybe things will change...but its doubtful.

Tags: friends, men and women, relationships

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