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Who Knows...

I met the most amazingly gorgeous man i've ever seen in my whole entire life. Ok well I didn't meet him meet him...i saw him and he's my brother's football coach. I couldn't help but keep looking over at him...I caught him staring a couple times...I really really want to get to know him. His eyes are the most beautiful green and he gets these cute dimples/creases in his cheeks when he smiles...his smile is perfect...I can help want to get to know him better. i don't know if its right or not i mean he is 27...though i'm only 20. hes also a teacher at the high school I graduate from though this is his first year teaching. i don't know if i even believe in love at first sight but i'm pretty sure that if it does exist I may have just experienced it. i'm drawn to him...maybe its just my imagination getting carried away.


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